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In recent years, e-commerce has seen increased competition. To remain competitive, you need to be persistent in your marketing efforts and have a large selection of products that are popular.

Tools such as Dropispy or Minea are essential during this stage. These tools will help you better understand your e-commerce statistics and ad data, which can be used to improve your marketing strategies.

Dropispy might be an alternative to Minea if you’ve ever used Minea. This article will discuss whether Dropispy can be used as an alternative to Minea.

Dropispy : Is it an Alternative to Minea

Dropispy, Minea and other ad-spying tools are some of the best on the market. These tools enable you to spy on social media ads, and quickly find the most recent items.

Although they may appear similar, there are some differences. Dropispy shows only ads from Facebook.

Minea, on the other hand, allows you to spy ads from Facebook and Pinterest. We have also compared Dropispy to Minea so you can get a better understanding of each tool.


Comparison between Dropispy and Minea

Below is a comparison of Dropispy and Minea.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Dropispy’s advanced search and filtering options make them very similar. This feature allows you to target ads that fit your preferences and niche.

Dropshipping information is the most important aspect. The project won’t succeed without it. Dropispy and Minea allow you to search multiple databases and find the information you need.

This will allow you to identify what is trendy and not so that you can make the best decision. Dropispy and Minea offer many search filters that will help you narrow down your search results. Dropispy and Minea offer advanced search options that will help you find the information you need.

Dropispy and Minea both allow advanced search and filter functions in a similar way. You can sort results by keywords, date, language and many other criteria using both Dropispy and Minea.

Advertising Database

These tools include a large database with information from all over the world. Dropshipping is the focus of more than fifty million Dropispy ads. The database is constantly growing with over a thousand new ads every day.

Minea is also a popular source for trendy products on the market.

Social networks analyze over 70 million ads daily, which gives users access to a variety of marketing techniques. Dropispy and Minea are both good options when it comes to access to large databases.

Shop Spy Option

The Shop Spy option is another great feature of both tools. You can monitor your competitors’ activities and understand their products.

Analyzing the activities of your competitors can help you understand their strategies. Copy and paste the advertisement where you have similar products if you want to get started as quickly as possible.

Dropispy’s Shop Spy feature and Minea’s similar Shop Spy feature give you similar options to monitor online shops. To see how well both tools are used, you can search for shops by category. You can learn more about the strategies of your competitors by gaining firsthand information.

Advertising Channels

Dropispy analyzes Facebook ads only, and not ads on other social media platforms. This tool helps you identify brand-specific Facebook ads that perform well and are highly targeted.

Minea, on the other hand, analyzes ads from many social networks including Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. You can find the most popular products on social media by analyzing multi-channel ads.

Minea is the perfect tool for discovering trending products on all social media platforms. Dropispy, on the other hand, offers a large database of Facebook ads for those who only want to analyze Facebook.


Dropispy is more expensive than Minea. Dropispy is available for free under the EUR0 plan, but it has some limitations. You can only use certain features.

This plan has one problem: you can’t use certain filters. You can’t view ads from the past two months with this plan. All features, including advanced filters, will be available if you select the Premium plan.

You may also be eligible for “credits” depending on your Dropispy plan. When you subscribe to the Premium plan, you will be able to receive 150,000 credits each month.


This will enable you to achieve all of your research goals. Research is unlimited as long as the credit system is followed. Dropispy is not for everyone.

Dropispy makes it difficult for users not to share or resell their accounts. Users can add the credit system. Minea also offers a free Lite plan that has limited functionality, in the same manner as Dropispy.

Dropispy’s Free Version does not have advanced filters such as Minea’s. Dropispy’s plan has 250 credits, but Minea’s plan has only 250 credits.

A Starter plan costs EUR49 per month and a Premium plan costs EUR99 per month. The Starter plan provides 10 000 credits but not Facebook ad analysis.

The Premium plan also comes with 1,000,000 credits and access to Facebook ads and TikTok ads. Dropispy is more affordable than Minea over the long-term.

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